Venue of the Month: Sheraton West Des Moines By: Jake Feldman

An excellent facility just off I-35/80 in West Des Moines, the Sheraton Hotel not only features some of the finest accommodations in the Central Iowa Area, it’s also a great place to host an event!

For those that have checked out the property–either by meeting with the awesome staff, or by attending the Bridal Forum in September or January–you know that this place is great! For those who have never attended an event there or at least checked out the property, for you we feature the West Des Moines Sheraton and their Catering Manager and Wedding Coordinator Jessica Gorman as our Event Venue of the month!

Originally from the Chicagoland area, Jessica started in the event industry working with a third party planning agency, where she planned corporate and private events. So, as no stranger to the industry, Jessica joined the Sheraton West Des Moines team two-and-a-half years ago. Below, I get some of Jessica’s thoughts on a variety of topics, and why the Sheraton West Des Moines is a great place to consider when planning your event.

Q. What’s your favorite part of working with clients to plan their event?

Really, being the first person they meet from the property and being their point person throughout the process is great! I like to provide comfort for them and really make the process fun while planning, during, and after their event. Our goal is to take care of our clients, and that’s fun for me!

Q. What are some memorable events that have been recently held at the Sheraton?

Our ballrooms are beautiful–but when a decorator is hired to created an ambiance–it brings the event to the next level. We’ve had some great event decorators in here in recent months that really bring out the styles and personalities of the couple and maximize the use of the space–Those are memorable for sure!

Q. Where do you see the event business heading in the next 5 or 10 years?

Options are key, and clients are wanting uniqueness to their even–which is what we like to provide. Clients also are looking for convenience and personal comforts, and that’s only going to get more important in the future. Being a hotel venue really adds to our comfort level, as the guests can really have a great time and not have to worry about driving or parking.

Q. What are some of the benefits of Choosing the Sheraton West Des Moines for your gathering?

As we talked about, we’re a hotel venue with great accommodations, so that certainly is an asset. Our ballrooms are fantastically designed, with the flexibility to host larger functions. Another great asset to note is our beautiful atrium area, which is perfect for pre-function gatherings, luncheons, cocktail hours, and wedding ceremonies. We also have a great restaurant and bar area in our lobby. Our food is another asset that is simply delicious!

Q. What is the great part about working with professional vendors for events?

They’re organized and they communicate! My absolute favorite thing is when vendors call me early in the week before an event to confirm setup and details of their event!