Local Bridal Fair Extras – By: Jake Feldman

I can tell you that after years of presenting our business at Bridal Fairs, two little tidbits that weren’t put into the above article that need to be are as follows:

*If A Vendor is Being Too Pushy — Let Them Know

Personally, myself or my company are not “hard-selling” to our clients.  But, if you find a company that makes you uncomfortable in their sales techniques — let them know as a client.  It may be a shock to them at first, but they will benefit later in the long run.  We as a company still believe in the philosophy that “The Customer Is Always Right,” so if you let them

* At least Talk With All Vendors; They’re Financing the Show 
Wedding Shows would not happen without the support of vendors, who buy booths in order to talk with your smiling faces.  Remember, to most companies in the wedding business, bridal fairs are a significant expense that hopefully will pay off. Please talk with all vendors and ask any questions that come to mind.

*Don’t Shop On Price Alone –

Vendors that advertise “lowest-priced professional in town” may or may not be for you.  It is import to realize that they may not have some of the costs built in to their enterprise that safeguard you and your guests from injury, death, liability, or (at the very least) a bad experience– like event liability insurance, accounting systems, contract systems, reliable transportation, trained employees, safe equipment, legal representation, and accreditation as a legal entity (a corporation or LLC).

So, while they may be the cheapest, who’s to say they’ll show up or that there’s any way to know they’re good?  It’s like having an ’87 Yugo (cheap) vs. a 2013 Diesel Chevy Silverado (quality and meant for working the task at hand, with safeguards built in– like a warranty). Quality may take a few more dollars, but in the end you’ll have piece of mind from a reputable vendor. With BC Productions, we are a full-time operation with 3 Full-Time staff members (and 10 part-time crew members) and an office location on Main Street in Grimes.  I can honestly say we’re the best at what we do–but we may not be the cheapest.

*Avoid Vendors Who Talk Negatively Of Other Vendors –

Bridal Shows are meant to be happy occasions, and you as a potential customer of these services should not be subjected to any drama from the vendor side of things.  If a vendor talks negatively of another service, you may consider moving on from your conversation with the bad-vibe-spewer.  Remember, that only reflects their company in a negative light.

*Have Fun!

It did mention that in the previous article, but I wanted to re-iterate the sentiment.  Have some fun, joke with the vendors!  They’re there as well as you on their Saturday or Sunday mornings and afternoons–we might as well all have a good time!