Event Professional of the Month: Doug McBride PhotoCinima

 A Conversation With One of Central Iowa’s Premier Creative Forces in the Photography and Videography Realm

How did you get started in the photography business?

 A. I received my Bachelors Degree from The University of Iowa in Fine Art Photography & Motion Picture Film in 1987.

 What is your favorite part of working with photography?

 A. I love shooting weddings. This is one of the most important days in the lives of many people. These people are gadougmcbridethered to celebrate the day with the bride & groom. To be chosen to capture that day and to take part in the celebration is a honor to me. I believe that is why the bridal couple , wedding party and family always say they are glad I was there to share the day with them.

Describe what you do on a day to day basis?

 A. My only job is my photography & video production business. This has been my life’s passion since 1980 when I first started my own company. I check emails, return phone calls and speak with managers, business owners and church personnel to make sure all weddings plans are perfectly in place, no surprises on the wedding day.

 Over the next 5-10 years, where do you see the wedding event photography heading?

 A. Things have changed drastically over the last couple years. The recession has caused couples to think hard about the money they can afford to spend on a wedding. Many armature and hobbyist photographers have sprung up, offering to work all day for $400 – $1000. These people have very little experience and have not invested in the equipment to produce quality images. When it’s too late, that’s when brides regret their decision to opt for a non-professional photographer.

 The damage is done, the moment gone and the wedding couple have a computer disc full of poor to mediocre images to show for their day. I create images that are meant to be family heirlooms, made into albums and passed from generation to generation with pride. I truly hope brides will invest the time to visit my website and Face book page and see what the experience of shooting hundreds of wedding can bring to them.

 What brings you passion to your work?

 A. Capturing the moments that bring happiness for generations is an art to be admired. A good artist can capture the emotion of a moment, but a great artist will allow the viewer of the images, years from now, feel those same emotions from those images as if they were happening at that moment. That is great art and that is what my mission is to provide everyone I work for.

What makes your photography services unique; compared to others?

A. As I said above, being a great artist is somewhat rare in photography and I am proud to be one of those few. Also, weddings are about love and romance, but they are also about having FUN! I see many photographers concentrate on the soft romantic side and making sure to document every important event of the day. We do that, but we try to add as much excitement, fun and craziness as the bride and groom permit us. Some couples are more subdued and quiet, while others are crazy and fun-loving from the moment we arrive. I am very good at understanding exactly what the wedding couple want and exceeding their expectations.

 I love it when the bride’s view their images and say “When did you get that picture, I don’t remember seeing you take that!”; that is exactly the way it should be. We don’t hover around the bride and groom and scare people off, we keep our distance and photograph the day as it happens. The bride and groom have decided who they want to share their day with and have invited those people to be a part of it. The day is about getting married and celebrating with those very special people. We are they to capture the tears, laughter and craziness of the occasion as it really should be. The day is not about taking photographs, it’s about two people in love creating a bond that lasts forever. Also, I believe we are about the only professionals that produce incredible photography AND outstanding video productions. my college degree was for both Photography and Motion Picture Film and we produce some of the finest wedding videos anywhere…they are absolutely incredible!

What do you believe are the hot trends right now in wedding photography?

 A. People are so used to seeing photos on Face book and with cell phone cameras, the trend seems to be a lot of crazy and spontaneous photographs. The traditional seems to be fading and the true personality of everyone in the wedding party is what couples love to see when the day is over. That is why we have every person in the wedding party think of a pose they want to do just for the bride and groom. We take the photo with a camera that allows us to make a 4″ x 6″ print instantly. We ask the individual to write whatever they wish to the bride and groom on the back of their photograph.

 Then, before we leave at the end of the night we give all the photos to the bride and groom. This way they have a personal photo and wishes from everyone in the wedding party in their hands at the end of the day. I am the only photographer that I am aware of that does this special gift for our wedding couples…and they LOVE IT!!!! Also, wedding videos are becoming a much more requested item than just a few years ago. We live in a very visual society, and nothing captures all of the elements of the day better than outstanding, professional video production.

How soon should someone book an event to have it when they need?

 A. I believe all the best things book one year in advance. There may always be openings, but if you want the best of everything then book it as soon as you know your date.

 How many events/weddings/etc. do you photograph per year?

A. We used to photograph/ video approximately 60 weddings per year. I believe staying around 30 weddings per year gives us the time to make sure every wedding we work gives the bride and groom the perfect results they deserve. That also gives us time to work on private and corporate events during the week. Our goal is to have wedding photography edited and to the couple in approximately one month after their wedding day. Video may take up to 6 weeks to complete. We shoot all video in HD and use multiple cameras.

So, in order to keep everyone happy we have a blog and Face book where we post images from the wedding within one week, usually only a day or two. We create a wedding trailer music video which is usually posted online in approximately one week also. This way, everyone gets their visual fix within days of the big event.