Event Professional of the Month: DixieLane Photography (Sarah Ripperger) By Jake Feldman

Voted by Cityview Magazines being the best of 2013 for Photography, Sarah Ripperger and her company, Dixielane Photography, are already off to a great year! We’re proud to feature Dixielane Photography as our event professional of the month! Sarah and her crew are awesome to work with–and we at BC Productions love it when their name shows up in our planning forms, as we know we’re working with professionals who know the business. Thank you Sarah and crew, and we look forward to working with you soon!

I recently sat down with Sarah over a great lunch, and here’s what she had to say:

Q. How did you get your start?

After high school, I attended Iowa State and after graduation I worked for a web design company. I also worked for another photographer for 5 years, getting my start in photography on an event level. From there, I have been on my own for 6 years

Q. What kind of life events do you photograph and where’s your studio located?

We generally photograph between 22-30 weddings per year, along with family portraits and senior pictures! We have a new studio also in Cumming, IA–which is just south of West Des Moines.

Q. What’s Your Photography Style for weddings?

We’re photo-journalistic about them and their relationship. We really try to capture who they are as a couple. So the most important thing is them naturally interacting–like people watching.

Q. Where do you see wedding photography in the next few years?

Clients are more particular to the style of photography they would like for their celebration and their engagement pictures and wedding photos. With those styles being shown to friends and family members through photographs of the couple–the photographer needs to be creative to stand out in the field and give the couple what they’re asking for, style wise.

Q. Speaking of standing out, how do you set yourself apart?

We never put time limits on things. We’re there from the beginning of the day until the formalities are over–capturing the moments that make a celebration.

Q. What’s your favorite part of working with other professional vendors?

Creating a good relationship with other professional vendors is important and fun! It’s good for referrals and word of mouth–plus we know we can expect a great “team” atmosphere throughout the day–it makes all of our work easier.

Q. On the DJ end of things, whats a great part of working with a professional DJ from what you’ve seen?

Great professional DJs take charge of the entertainment aspect of things while working with the other vendors. Of course, not in a pushy way, but from the standpoint of assuring that the guests and the wedding party have a great time.

Professional DJs create an excellent ambiance that is hard to find elsewhere, and they assess the situation and make the necessary changes they need to to make sure everyone has the best time possible.