Event Professional of the Month: Bach Catering By: Jake Feldman

From his humble beginnings as a dishwasher, Chef Jame Bach has had a growing love for the culinary arts. “I was a fill in for a friend, I immediately fell in love with the pace and the intensity,” says Bach “I didn’t even know what a kitchen was like.” From there, James earned his stripes as an Executive Chef.

Today, he is an entrepreneur at the helm of Bach Catering, which provides exquisite eats for all kinds of events–ranging from weddings to graduation parties, corporate events, birthdays, and even funeral lunches. Although Bach admits that personally, “Office Parties are the most fun though, cocktails and great appetizers make for an awesome occasion.”

Still, Chef Bach loves Weddings: “I think the most rewarding are weddings, because you get to interact with your clientele the most and you are helping them during an amazing moment in their life.” He follows that statement up with another:

“Its fun to consult with people for weddings, because its so involved. We give them a couple of different menus and offer them to manipulate it. Change the fruit, add your favorite sauce, think of it with fish, change the cheeses….. Once we get them thinking about that, then it gets interesting with the customized menu.The execution is fun too, but the building process is way more fun. Its neat and rewarding because this is a moment in two peoples lives that they will remember for years, probably forever” – Chef Bach

That passion is evident in Bach Catering’s ability to customize the entire menu to reflect the specific tastes and personalities of those who the party is involved with. The staff feels the menu should reflect everything, from the client to the occasion. As for specific specialties, the company is an American Grill, but the staff is trained in french and Italian, and by using local ingredients they can twist and change anything to make it unique.

On the business end, Chef Bach and his staff are amazing and professional to work with. They treat their clients with respect and are always a positive member of the event team. And, if the name of the game is satisfied clients and successful events, then Bach Catering is doing a spectacular job–with only 3 years in the business to boot!

To book Bach Catering for your event, check out their website: www.bachcatering.com