Event Date: 2/24 – 2/25

Event Location: Embassy Suites — Des Moines, IA

Resident DJ Entertainer Performing: Bill Burkett

The Rest of Our Event Team:

Caterer: Embassy Suites (Host Venue)

Event Producer: Chris Bohnet — Iowa DECA

Event Details:

This two-day event featured hundreds of High School students from across Iowa at their state DECA conference. DECA is an organization of student-members and faculty advisers aimed at prepping its members for college and business careers.

The students are in competitions Sunday that place them on a track to compete (in select categories) at regional and national DECA conferences. Those categories include marketing, sales, law, and many other business principles. Aside from written tests, the student participate in role-play exercises with judges–and then are rated against others in the competition.

On Sunday night, the students were treated to a Hollywood-themed video dance party, complete with a “Hollywood-style DJ,” BCP’s very own Bill Burkett.

Besides providing all of the sound, lighting and video for Sunday nights event, BCP also provided Sound, Lighting, and Video services for Monday’s conference, which included a special ceremony for Iowa DECA’s state student leadership cabinet called “The Walk.” For this ceremony, voiceovers were taken from the cabinet previous of the conference and set to selected music. These elements combined together formed a memorable experience for all in attendance–and one that will be life-lasting.