Event of the Month: Beisser/Campbell Reception

Event Date: 11/10/12

Event Location: ISU Alumni Center — Ames, IA

Resident DJ Entertainer Performing: Brad Dunsbergen(DJ), Jake Feldman (MC)

The Rest of Our Event Team:

Caterer: ISU Dining

Photographer: Family Friend

Decorator: Bella Fora

Event Details:

Before the night, the details were handled by MC Jake Feldman from BC Productions and Sally Beisser, the mother of the Bride. As the couple had already married in South Carolina (with a full reception to boot), the event served as a Iowa reception for the couples family and friends that were unable to make the Mountain celebration, which occurred on October 13.

The night started with a cocktail hour in CY’s lounge accompanied by soft music and catching-up of friends and family. From there, the party moved into the simple-yet-elegantly decorated Reimann Room to partake in delicious beef and a scrumptious baked potato bar.

One of the focal points of the evening was a beautifully put-together photo montage, which allowed guests to catch a glimpse of not only Bride and Groom’s formative years, but their time together as a couple and the amazing ceremony and reception that had hosted the month before.

As for the night, a lot of good company, great friends and family, and some dancing were had! It was a fun and unique way to include guests who couldn’t make the original event–and allowed one more chance to raise a toast to the new Mr. and Mrs. Campbell!