Avoiding procrastination Can Save You Money! By: Jake Feldman

Here at BC Productions, we track everything. From the leads that come in, and where they were referred from, and everything in between.

A trend we have seen lately is brides and clients scheduling closer to the event date. From what used to be a year or more to 9 months out, now it is the “new normal” to see 6 and 4 month scheduling arcs.

For us, we schedule popular dates quicker, and are able to accommodate more weddings than most companies who do what we do. Even with that being said, its still nice to get clients locked in and their planning processes started, so we can provide the greatest service possible. I know other vendors fall in the same boat, so here’s some tips to help save you money by scheduling vendors and venues more quickly (and the reasons why).


Professional services use the supply and demand model. In a given year, there are only 50 (2 taken out for holidays) Saturdays in which to do wedding business (and off-peak nights, which I’ll discuss), so Saturdays are a commodity. So, when all, or most of the Saturdays are scheduled with a given company, that means demand is high, so the price will rise.

By scheduling a vendor more quickly, you can get their current pricing, not what pricing will be 6 months from now.


In some cases, by scheduling with a vendor at a bridal fair, you can receive a discount for signing a contract and laying down a deposit for that day. For us, that accounts to $50 off for our standard wedding reception package and $100 off for our photobooth services.


There’s no law that states that couples must be married and have their celebration on a Saturday (or in the summer). Non peak dates include November-March for weddings (which often include big discounts on all services). Also, weddings on Fridays or Sundays can save you a lot of money, with the same results!


If a company offers more than one type of service, consider scheduling them together to get big savings. For example, with BC Productions you can pair Photobooths and Uplighting with your reception DJ services and save up to $300-400 on doing this through one provider!